5 Tips To Be a Trader Forex

5 Tips To Be a Trader Forex

Being a trader forex is not easy but in fact it is not difficult if you know how. Some people still say that the forex business is difficult. In fact, not a few people who lose hundreds of billions of rupiah for investing in the forex market. So become success in forex investing as just a dream.
Inevitably, it is sometimes true. But that does not mean there is no solution.
Here are some tips to become a trader forex:

Tips To Be a Trader Forex

1. Emotion control
The first thing that must be owned by a trader forex is his skill in controlling emotions. A trader must have daily or monthly targets. Second, avoid excessive fear. You need to be discipline in order not to be trapped by your own nature. Greed and fear can destroy you in the world of forex.

2. Determine Your Risk Tolerance
to gain self-awareness is to make sure that your risk tolerance and capital allocation for forex and trade is not an exaggeration or less. This means that you must carefully study and analyze your own financial goals in trading forex.

3. Consistent, Stick to the Plan
Before we entered the market, we should already have a good planning. Have clear
objectives will make it easier to leave the business entirely when the risk or return analysis suggests defeat.

4. Discipline in Trading Financial Management On one day of trading, one’s profit is only 10% or even 1% of the capital. If the market conditions do not allow anymore, he will immediately cease. So that if an error occurs (loss), capital initially remaining 90%.

5. Learn the Successes and Failures
Successful trader will make a record, a journal of the trading activities in which he carefully examine mistakes and successes.

Well, those are some tips to be a trader forex. Become a beginning trader forex is not easy. It needs hard effort and consistently. Hopefully this article can be useful for us.

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